Hayling Island

Hayling Island

Sunday, April 13, 2014

More bits of the synth turn up ..

Work has unfortunately got in the way of play lately .. and then the weather has picked up nicely. It's a glorious sunny morning this Sunday, the London Marathon is on, the US Masters later and I spent a chunk of last night putting a schematic of a VCO into Eagle, and crafting a PCB.

So far I have received two boards from Itead Studios:

1) the multifunction VCLFO / ADSR board, and that is going well. I have a second style of DAC - an MPC4922 somewhere to try out - one that isn't £20 a go, but needs an external reference. The small daughter board idea for the DAC should serve its purpose well there.

2) is a dual VCA, 3 channel mixer, noise and sample and hold board. It's amazing what you can squeeze into 100 square centimeters. Quite pleased with it so far - only a couple of niggles on capacitor leg spacing. I must stop assuming that all caps have 2.5mm spaced legs (a mistake I haven't repeated on the VCO)

And so, before putting some clothes on, while the drill battery is charging I thought I would share the VCO design ..

First, the schematic. It's a well-known design based on Ken Smith's excellent VCO. I was going to borrow more of MFOS but this is a great starting point. It's probably not the only VCO I am going to cut a PCB for.

Again, I have stuck to the same format as the other two boards - slighly less than 100mm on each side, and Itead provide 10 (or 11 apparently) PCBs, double sided, thru-hole plated and silk screened in your choice of colour (as long as its green) for $19 US, including shipping. Can't compete with it, except on time, as it does take 2-3 weeks to turn up once the order is placed.

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