Hayling Island

Hayling Island

Monday, April 8, 2019

.. and we need more space ..

The lab is getting a bit full, so I have had to add some storage space to organise the stuff and get it all connected up. I've bought an extra table so I can have my digital scope out working, and to get some of the audio stuff off the floor and put to good use (and so I can play the piano I repaired a little while ago) I thought I would make a 19 inch rack for the effects, amp and so on.

And now, embedded in the new Studio / Lab / Office ... 

.. and this is the other end (the Office-y bit)

Sony STR DB-830 horrors

So I spent a little time working on the Sony problem with the mute. I used a heat gun to warm up various boards, and I found that when heat was applied to a very localised spot on the digital board, it burst into life; only to retreat into silence again a few seconds after the heat is removed.

The issue seems to be either cold joints or an oscillator. So I've replaced the oscillator crystal, and resoldered the cold joints. There's a small repair to the PCB as well, since the removal of the old piezo took a bit of track with it. (cheap PCB). Fingers crossed ...