Hayling Island

Hayling Island

Saturday, March 8, 2014

They're here ...!

Oh yummy.

Nice control of centering of drill holes, good evening tinning .. 10 boards for $19.90. Ridiculous.

This is the combined LFO/ADSR/DAC/MIDI2CV board based on a 328P from Atmel. The DAC is an AD5668 which is *tiny* .. You'll see the pads for the 328P mid way on the left, the AD5668 TSSOP header mid right, some bits and bobs - I decided to add x2 gain on the DAC outputs so you could do a full 10v swing if you feel the need.

I added a filter for the PWM outputs - top left. So I can play with that as well!

This is going to keep me busy!  
.. and we have life .. the DAC board caused a bit of fun since I changed my mind, and rather than just driving it from a few pins at random, I decided I could use the built in SPI functions of the Atmel processor - but then three pins were wired wrong, so it got fixed on the DAC board.

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