Hayling Island

Hayling Island

Monday, April 16, 2018

We've moved!

.. but the lab is not up and running yet. I'm just starting on the home network. The arrangement with Virgin Media to move the broadband connection over to the new home on moving day worked well. Unfortunately the engineer spent four hours trying to get the TV working without success. We moved on the Friday, and it was still broken on the Monday following. It turned out to be something simple - like the engineer had registered the Tivo box for the bedroom, and then unpacked the other one for use in the lounge.

Actually, I found the VM folks on the phone really helpful, and we worked through it quite quickly. The engineer never came back - he'd marked the install as successful on the VM system.

I want to install the new network in the old way - with the VM hub in "modem" mode, but I need to get some wiring into the bungalow without damaging anything. There have been too many other priorities getting in my way. Still, I did manage to find a Netgear PoE hub for pennies on that auction site, which will be good for running the Cisco phones on Asterisk ..!