Hayling Island

Hayling Island

Monday, February 24, 2014

Onkyo phun

Sorting out a small issue with the lounge .. currently I have a fine Onkyo home cinema amp, but it only has two HDMI ports. I want to move the XBox out of my office to there, so grandson has somewhere to play his games. The two ports are used by the Virgin Media Tivo box, and an Apple TV2 (suitably hacked).

I found another Onkyo on eBay, with four HDMI inputs. The seller says it won't power on - and he's right, now I have bought it and it's been delivered, it doesn't - the red light remains obstinately on - showing 'standby' , and flashes a bit if you press the power button.

I had a quick squizz around with a multimeter, and found that the right front channel's output transistors are shorted all ways. This is not uncommon - if one goes, the other one goes shortly afterwards, unable to cope with more than 100 volts across it. So, to begin with I clipped them out, and tried again. Ta da, amp powers up and seems to respond to controls. The requisite Toshiba A1941 / C5198 ordered, and hopefully that will suffice.

Well it kind of does.

After much faff,

I got to the point of soldering in new devices. I checked around the locality for other transistors looking sick, and put the entire string of spaghetti back in the box, and powered up again. It stays on! Just check the bias current using the two test pins .. front left shows 9mV, and the new front right shows .. 0? Hmmm .. so both transistors in the output stage are off. Time for a schematic, and luckily Onkyo amps are well documented on t'internet, and all service manuals available. However, with the thing boxed up, it's well nigh impossible to probe anything.

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