Hayling Island

Hayling Island

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


And another aside ..

There is the odd design tool that only runs under Windows. The legacy Lattice tools are a good example. Now my big Linux box here running Mint 15 does have the capability to reboot into WIndows XP. It takes a very long time, since I do it so rarely that I have to wait an age for it to load this or that patch, install, update AV definitions and so on. Also, my linux box stops while I am doing so.

I read about virtualbox, and thought that would be quite a good thing to install. So I did .. and it kind of works. I didn't want to reinstall Windows on the drive it was on, since it already worked and I doubt I could either find the CD or my licence any more. So, I found some nice web sites that took me through the process of finding the drive without reinstalling.

And here it is installed, and about to boot up the windows box ..

So I launch the partition, and it stays with the following on the screen until hell shall freeze over. 
Any clues how to find out what is going on? 

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